Everywhere throughout Taiwan, there are spas, hot springs, specialist massage centers, and licensed acupuncturists.

Taiwan might be one of the best destinations to consider when it comes to holistic wellness travel. Osteopathy, cupping and bone setting are available at folk healing centers throughout the country. For those interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are nearly as many TCM clinics as there are western clinics. In general healthcare in Taiwan is extremely affordable compared to the United States with costs for a single doctor’s visit ranging from 15-30 USD for medication is also available for a fraction of the cost due to a highly efficient national insurance system. Comprehensive full-body screenings and longevity exams are available for highly discounted rates compared to what is offered in the West.
Quiet roads stretching through rice fields.

Fields of Jade

CYCLING THROUGH TAITUNG’S IDYLLIC RICE VALLEY The idyllic countryside of the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area, located between the fluvial plains of Hualien City

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