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2025 Taiwan Lantern Festival Tour in Taoyuan

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Taiwan Lantern Festival

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is a vibrant celebration that combines ancient traditions with modern high-tech displays, giant animated robots and beautiful lantern installations. During the festival, the public spaces of the host city are adorned with beautifully crafted lanterns depicting traditional symbols, animals, or famous characters from mythology and folklore. The 2023 festival was held in Taipei and attracted a record 12 million visitors!
The main lantern for the 2023 Lantern Festival in Taipei, a gigantic robot rabbit, can be seen with Taipei 101 in the background.
A large lantern display with an illuminated bunny, carrots, and other lanterns.
A tall mechanical lantern with a glowing bird towers above a crowd as a light show happens in the background.
A lantern that is the size of a massive temple gate features two animated dragons.
Crowds move around a lantern display which combines temples, figures, animals, and fruits.
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Custom Tour of Taiwan

Embarking on your own tailor-made journey through Taiwan provides a unique opportunity to deeply connect with this island at your own pace. What’s most exciting is that you have full control over both the tour’s duration and the specific experiences on your personalized itinerary. Ready to begin designing your ideal Taiwan adventure? Share your preferences with us.

We recommend our customized tour packages for clients who have particular interests (e.g. indigenous culture, temples, historic architecture, food culture, adventure, hot springs) or wish their tour to be crafted around a particular theme (forest recreation, high mountains, Taiwanese history, etc.). Other possible requests include focusing on a particular region of Taiwan (the East Coast, off-shore islands, etc.) or integrating seasonal festivals (Lunar New Year’s, Taiwan’s Lantern Festival, indigenous harvest festivals) into a custom tour schedule.


Whatever your desires are, we will integrate them into a single itinerary that takes into account seasonal weather patterns and other important factors that could affect your trip.


The first step to booking your custom tour of Taiwan is filling out the form in the link below. Once we have reviewed your request, the Get Me To Taiwan Tour Planning Team will reach out to you to begin the conversation.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact us, or send us an email at info@getmetotaiwan.com.

Taking photo in a Disney theme train cart.
Photographer is taking photo of the cherry trees.
Photographer is taking photo of a disney theme sand sculpture.
Photographer is taking the sunset photo of the Gaomei wetland.
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