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Who We Are

We are a group of storytellers who have fallen in love with Taiwan and want to share the island’s beauty with the world. With a wide network of Taiwanese partners who are both eager to share and have been selected for their Western-oriented service, we strive to offer the best and most authentic packages possible.

Why We LOVE Taiwan

The Possibilities
Taiwan is a food theme park that’s always open. It has the largest collection of Chinese artifacts in the world (National Palace Museum) and the world’s longest marble gorge (Taroko Gorge). The mountainside town of Jiufen, with its vertical old streets lined with red lanterns is full of irresistible charm, and the the wild streams of Taiwan’s inner mountains will make you feel like you’re traveling with the magical wilderness of some epic film.

The Atmosphere
This virgin destination hasn’t yet felt the stamp of Western tourism, but it most certainly deserves to be visited. Local culture has an incredible richness, which, while not catering to Western tourists, is always a sincere delight. Adventure, relaxation, and enlightenment are all potential rewards for the adventurous visitor.

The Charm
Walking through town or even in the countryside, there is no one prepared to sell you trinkets or souvenirs. Instead, it’s quite likely to hear someone shouting a whole-hearted, “Hello! How Are You?”. Don’t be frightened, someone is excited to welcoming you and make you feel welcome. A colleague describes it as “the feeling of being in a giant mom & pop store”. The Tourism Bureau refers to it as “the human touch”. Perhaps, the Taiwanese are just hospitable and friendly people.

Take a peek at the stories that we share here. You just might see something that inspires you to try something different, and, just maybe, even live a little differently.

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