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The sunset glow can be seen above the tidal flats of Gaomei Wetlands.

Things to do in Taichung

An Insider’s Guide to Taichung City: Western Taiwan’s Food and Culture Capital Taichung is Taiwan’s second-largest city and is famous for interesting museums, excellent shopping,

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The colorful front facade of the Dingjia Residence historic building.

Things to Do in Changhua

An Insider’s Guide to Changhua County:A Small Nugget Filled With History Changhua County may be Taiwan’s smallest county, but it shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone

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The owner of Raisinay Workshop demonstrates weaving using a traditional atayal loom.

Things to Do in Miaoli

An Insider’s Guide to Miaoli County: Exploring Traditional Arts and Hakka Culture Home to not one but two towns (Sanyi Township, Nanzhuang Township) that have

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Crowds walk through a busy narrow alley made of red bricks in Lukang Old Street.

Lukang Old Street

THE HEART OF OLD TAIWAN Lukang Old Street runs through the heart of the historic town of Lukang in Changhua County. The street and surrounding

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Crowds of pedestrians walking through Rensan Road at night; the road is lined by three rows of yellow lanterns on either side.

Keelung Night Market

NORTHERN TAIWAN’S SEAFOOD CAPITAL Keelung Night Market often flies under the radar of most tourists as it is located in Keelung City, one of Northern

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