The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Taiwan

Kenting's Baishawan and beautiful torquise ocean viewed from above.

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Taiwan’s mostly subtropical climate (only Kenting National Park enjoys a tropical climate) and its uncrowded beaches, make it a great place to relax by the ocean. Surprisingly, Taiwanese society has placed little value on swimming education and beach recreation and, as a result, most of the beautiful beaches in Taiwan are still not frequently visited. Luckily for tourists, summer water sports have been gaining momentum and there are now dedicated shops and tour providers for scuba diving, snorkeling, free diving, standup paddleboarding, and surfing. It is usually possible to rent surfboards or snorkeling equipment at Taiwan’s more popular beaches.

Fulong Beach & Longmen Beach in Gongliao District, New Taipei City

Taipei’s Classic Sandy Beach

This massive pyramid is part of the sand sculpture festival on Fulong Beach; the estuary of the Shuang River can be seen as well.
An expansive view of Fulong Beach and the mountains and coastline of the North Coast from a pedestrian bridge.
A youngster poses in front of a tall sand sculpture about the size of a car.
An artist working on carving his sand sculpture; the sculpture stands 3 to 4 meters tall.
A three-meter-tall Toy-Story-themed sand sculpture.
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Fulong Beach is Northern Taiwan’s largest sand beach. The beach extends past the coast and forms a barrier between the Shuang River Estuary and the pristine Pacific Ocean. 

Popular activities in the estuary include standup paddleboarding and kayaking while surfing and swimming are more popular in the cooler ocean waters. There is a surf break on the eastern side of the beach which is popular with standup paddleboarders and surfers.

Every summer, during the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival, the beach is covered with intricately molded, towering sand sculptures up to 5 meters tall.

Niushan Huting in Shoufeng Township, Hualien County

The East Coast National Scenic Area’s Dark-Sanded Treasure

Niushan Beach features black sand and amazing views of the East Coast.
The sun shines over Niushan Beach.
A tall sculpture stands at the entrance to Niushan Beach.
More wood and stone artworks can be seen in the grassy field behind Niushan Beach.
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Niushan Huting, a hidden black sand beach sandwiched by steep cliffs to the south and mountains to the north, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Taiwan. This hidden gem can only be reached by a steep farm road that drops down into the valley from Coastal Highway 11.

Sitting above the beach, there is only a solitary indigenous restaurant and campground. Large-scale driftwood sculptures are on display around the restaurant and food and lodging are available.

In the past, this beach has played host to one of Asia’s most famous electronic dance parties. Organik Festival—now in its 10th year—has seen popular DJs from all over the world fly to Taiwan to perform and camp over the course of three nights in this beautiful isolated paradise.

Qixingtan Beach in Xincheng Township, Hualien County

Pebble Beach With Sweeping Views of Taroko and the Qingshui Cliffs

A pair of cyclists bike along the bicycle path next to Qixingtan Beach
A wave crashes down on the rocky shore of Qixingtan Beach as the mountains of Taroko National Park are visible in the background.
The mountains of Taroko National Park glow in the early morning sun during sunrise at Qixingtan Beach.
A tourist standing on Qixingtan Beach takes a photo of the nearby mountains.
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Qixingtan Beach—originally ‘Malongayangay’ in the indigenous Sakizaya language—comprises the entire northern coastline of Hualien City. This expansive pebble beach offers excellent views of the Sanzhan Valley, Taroko National Park, Mt. Qingshui and the Qingshui Cliffs to the north.

The developed southern end of the beach is popular with domestic tourists visiting one of Hualien’s “must-see” attractions, while the rest of the beach remains natural and wild. However, the real attraction of Qixingtan Beach is the millions of round pebbles that make up the beach. A combination of schist, gneiss, marble, quartz, and even jade, most of the rocks are semi-transparent. 

For early risers, Qixingtan Beach is one of the best and most dynamic places in Taiwan to view the sunrise. Visitors should keep in mind that swimming here is not recommended due to strong currents and an unforgiving shore break. Nevertheless, the beautiful views and serene environment make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Taiwan. 

Wuyanjiao and Dongao Bay in Su’ao Township, Yilan County

A Picturesque Cove With a Colorful Fishing VIllage Sequestered by Mountains

Kayaks resting in a hidden cove just beside Dongao Bay.
A wave crashes down on the rocky shore of Qixingtan Beach as the mountains of Taroko National Park are visible in the background.
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Dongao Bay is one of many hidden coves on the Suhua Highway which runs between Yilan and Hualien. Dongao Bay is famous for its rich marine life and crystal clear water which can be seen from the highway. In the summer, standup paddleboarding and kayaking tours leave from the beach and head to one of Taiwan’s most coveted seaside rock formations, the Cape of Wuyanjiao. The Cape of Wuyanjiao is a rock formation just north of Dongao Bay, and is known as the start of the Central Mountain Range, which extends all the way across Taiwan to the Cape of Eluanbi in Hengchun, Pingtung.

The picturesque fishing village Fenniaolin lies on the southern end of the beach—behind Fenniaolin’s photogenic harbor, there is another smaller rocky cove where snorkeling is possible during the summer.

Baishawan in Hengchun Township, Pingtung County

Taiwan’s Top Tropical White Sand Beach With Coral

Kenting's most beautiful beach, Baishawan Beach, with beautiful turquoise ocean water, is seen from above.
A gentle wave crashes on the pristine yellow sand of Baishawan Beach in Kenting.
Driftwood stuck in between volcanic rocks on the shoreline to the north or south of a beach in Kenting.
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Although Taiwan’s coastline is more rugged and pebbled than one might expect of a Pacific island, it is not without its jaw-dropping, postcard-ready white sand beaches. Baishawan Beach, which appropriately translates to white sandy cove, is located inside Kenting National Park. Because of its beauty and similarity to the remote beaches of Mexico, it was used as a filming location for Life of Pi. The shallow turquoise-colored waters at Baishawan are safe, swimmable, and super clean. The Kenting National Park area also features other white sand beaches, but the slightly off-the-beaten-path Baishawan is the most rewarding. As a result, it easily earns its spot among the most beautiful beaches in Taiwan.

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