Flying Cow Ranch

A tourist feeding a goat.

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Flying Cow Ranch, located in the rolling hills of Miaoli County, is a popular tourist destination known for its picturesque landscapes and charming family-oriented farm fun. This recreational ranch offers visitors a unique opportunity to interact with farm animals, learn about dairy production, and enjoy Miaoli’s scenic countryside.

A tourist milks a cow.
A father milks a cow while two young children pet it.
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Operating as a dairy farm since 1975, Flying Cow Ranch has a rich history in dairy production and has become one of Taiwan’s best destinations for those interested in learning about the dairy industry. At the ranch visitors can learn about the milking process and even try their hand at milking a cow themselves. The farm is also home to many other types of livestock with which guests can interact, including sheep, goats, ducks and rabbits. Visitors of all ages can participate in activities such as feeding sheep, and feeding and interacting with ducks.

A group of children feed sheep through a fence.
A sheep is sticking its head through the fence and appears to be smiling.
Sheep eating out of a plastic pot.
A young female student feeds sheep through a fence.
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A group of school children is sitting observing a group of ducks.
A tourist feeds a duck from her hand.
An employee is introducing the farm's ducks to an audience of children.
A young girl feeds a duck.
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The recreational ranch also features ecological areas, which are carefully curated and include dedicated spaces for grasslands, water plants, and butterflies. Walking paths connect these areas with the rest of the farm, and offer visitors a chance to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

A fenced off grazing area for sheep.
A tourist is lying down on a large grassy field.
Walking paths lead to a farmhouse in the distance.
A couple poses for the photographer on their wedding photo shoot.
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In addition to animal encounters and dairy-related activities, Flying Cow Ranch offers a range of engaging DIY experiences. Guests can unleash their creativity by painting cow figurines or participating in baking sessions to make tarts, cakes, cookies, and even refreshing ice cream shakes.

A tourist poses next to a large colorful statue of several cartoonish cows.
A photo of three cow statues at Flying Cow Ranch.
Larger-than-life cow statues stand in the grass outside of a building at Flying Cow Ranch.
A grassy lawn extends across rolling hills, a shed and fences can be seen in the distance.
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For accommodations, Flying Cow Ranch provides bright and clean rooms, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests. Campsites are also available for those who prefer a more adventurous experience, and the ranch also features two areas for outdoor barbecue. Just be sure to check with the farm to see if your desired type of accommodation is available before planning a trip.

Flying Cow Ranch
Address: No. 167-1, Nanhe, 35750 Tongxiao, Taiwan

A tourist smiling as she enjoys a farm-made yogurt.
A tourist sits on a grassy field and sips on a farm-fresh yogurt.
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The farm features four dining options, one of which is a dedicated hot pot restaurant, and the ranch offers many creamy and flavorful homemade dairy products to guests to indulge in, including pudding, yogurt, milk buns, ice cream!

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